For Black Men

Are the leaders of the Kingdom

It is time to restore your position

It is time to rise.

It is time to rise above the status quo,

Rise above the societal pressures 

Rise up and stand for yourselves and each other,

For Black Men

Must understand,

An attack against one Black Man anywhere is

An attack against all Black Men everywhere.

It is time to rise,

For Black Men

Have been beaten and broken, but not destroyed.


It is time to resist,

Resist the temptation to give in, to give up

Resist the sounds of the noise that only serve as distractions

Resist the ways of the oppressor

For Black Men

Are created in the image of a Mighty God.

Resist feeling defeated

Resist feeling low

For Black Men

Are to be uplifted to unimaginable heights.


It is time to unite,

Unite for the greater good of our families and communities

Unite in numbers for in great numbers 

You are undefeated.

Unite in your brotherhood

Unite with your loved ones,

Your women, your children, fathers, and mothers.

For Black Men

Must unite, rejoin and rejoice together

Unite with arms locked, spirits high and heads to the sky.


It is time to commit

Commit to change, to doing the work

Commit to longevity and perseverance

Commit in unwavering ways

For Black Men

Your wills are strong and good will be done.

Commit to Speak What You Seek

Commit to standing tall

Commit to your integrity

For Black Men 

Are to lead the way, righteously.



Love God

Love thyself

Love your brothers

Love your families

Love your people


For Black Men

Are Love

And so, you are loved.

Love will provide you with clarity

Love will provide you with vision

Love will bind you together

Love will ensure you will rise, together

Love will declare you resist

Love will unite your people

Love will restore your Kingdom

Love will lead us to the promised land.


For Black Men

You are love

You are light

You are God

You are beautiful

You are respected

You are admired

You are powerful

You are strong

You are the future of your people

You are inherently great

You are protectors

You are great fathers

You are amazing sons

You are the leaders of today

You are writing your own narrative

You are telling your own stories

You are building your legacy

You are Kings!


With Unwavering Love,

Lovisa Woodson II


May you lead with convicted hearts, speak with loving tongues, and stand in your true power, together. To all of our beautiful Black Men, I love you.

Restoring the position of Black men as leaders in their families and communities. Affirming the nuclear family structure while embracing blended and extended families.





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