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Due to Covid-19 our in-person events will be limited and restricted. Check back soon for an updated list of virtual events. 

  • Let's Talk About it: Restoring The Kingdom
    Time is TBD
    Private Zoom Meeting
    Time is TBD
    Private Zoom Meeting
    How Black men can come together to restore our kingdom and position ourselves as leaders in our families and communities. The time is now!
  • Let's Talk About It: Brotherly Love, Where Has It Gone?
    Time is TBD
    Private Zoom Meeting
    Time is TBD
    Private Zoom Meeting
    Creating unity among Black men, squashing beefs, and calling a truce for a greater cause.



Check back soon for upcoming events.

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Restoring the position of Black men as leaders in their families and communities. Affirming the nuclear family structure while embracing blended and extended families.





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