Restoring The Kingdom, Together

Unifying to position ourselves as leaders in our families and communities.

About Us

Restoring the Kingdom

FOR BLACK MEN was founded in July 2020 in response to the recent racial attacks on the Black Community. In efforts to strengthen our communities as a whole, we work to foster unity among Black men of all ages. As change agents, we actively seek and create opportunities to promote the economic advancement of Black men while debunking myths and stereotypes that further perpetuate the underlying hate behind oppressive systems. We are a collective group of Black men working to restore our kingdom and position ourselves as leaders in our families and communities. Working in collaboration to create a safe space to support and uplift each other, build meaningful connections, and engage in transformative discussion, we are changing the future for Black men in America and around the world.




Our programs promote self-awareness and help participants discover the essential tools and resources necessary to achieve their most ambitious goals and realize their greatest potential.


Our communities are exclusively for Black men who value, uphold, and affirm the nuclear family structure, while embracing blended and extended families. 

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Service & Leadership

Our mission is to empower Black men with the resources necessary for growth while creating an environment that fosters a brotherhood between those who are ready for change and know the importance of working, building and growing together. We leverage our talents, skills and abilities to empower Black men to live their best lives while encouraging them to care for themselves, their children and families, and seek opportunities to serve as well as lead.  Our collective concept focuses on the success and advancement of Black men through interdependence and cohesion; working as one like a well-oiled machine. Together, we strive to creating greater opportunities for personal and professional development, growth, and longevity and sustainability in business endeavors. Together we will restore our kingdom!






Founding Members


Nafis Ricks

Coordinator & Host

Elevating the voices of Black men with a safe space for real, open and honest discussion.



Jarrett Bush

Visionary & Sales Leader

Relentlessly pursuing dominion with self-defined Black excellence, authenticity, and establishing an ideal where true kings will rule.

Darryl Vereen

Strategist & Business Coach

Helping Black men to rebuild, rebrand and relaunch their lives through brotherhood and entrepreneurship.


Christopher Timberlake

Author & Speaker

Persistent and impactful in spreading encouragement, love, and inspiration through words.

Restoring the position of Black men as leaders in their families and communities. Affirming the nuclear family structure while embracing blended and extended families.




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